III MEF Band Ensembles
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The brass quintet is a highly versatile chamber ensemble consisting of two trumpets, trombone, French horn, and tuba, that originated in late 19th-century Europe and affirmed its place in American music by the mid-20th century.  Its repertoire spans 400 years’ worth of music, including adaptations of works from the Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods, Jazz and Popular standards, and original modern works that test the limits of this ensemble’s technical capabilities.  As a centerpiece in many military ceremonies, the III MEF Band Brass Quintet performs selections from this diverse repertoire in addition to classic marches commonly heard at Marine Corps events.


The III MEF Brass Band is modeled after the tradition of “Second Line” brass bands found in the street parades of New Orleans.  True to its Crescent City roots, the band performs traditional jazz while enhancing its repertoire with the music of contemporary ensembles, such as Youngblood and Rebirth Brass Bands.  The perfect musical morale booster, the III MEF Brass Band entertains crowds at large social gatherings, festivals, and celebrations held throughout the Pacific theater of operations.

Ceremonial band is the musical backbone of all fleet bands across the Marine Corps.  Covering Changes-of-Command, Relief-and-Appointments, retirement ceremonies, and Marine Corps Birthday Balls, the ceremonial band offers a crucial element of pomp and circumstance that makes any ceremony truly complete.  This ensemble’s repertoire includes patriotic music, marches, and hymns that capture the elements of tradition and nationalistic pride for the United States of America.  

The III MEF Band Jazz Combo is a popular ensemble for receptions, ballroom affairs, and community relations.  They focus primarily on jazz standards while adding original arrangements of R&B, funk, & Top 40 songs to their repertoire.  The jazz combo follows traditional instrumentation, making use of piano, drum set, bass, guitar, and horns.



Arguably the III MEF Band's greatest ensemble in terms of power and stylistic versatility, the wind ensemble lends itself well to fulfilling the mission of community engagement throughout the Indo-Asia-Pacific Region.  The wind ensemble performs each year in a number of events, including support to the U.S. Embassy and Consulates, annual public concerts for military families and local nationals, festivities held throughout the Okinawa Prefecture and Pacific islands, Comic Con Okinawa, and the Kadena Special Olympics.  Additionally, the III MEF Band engages in outreach within the DODEA schools and conducts joint performances with the Japanese Self-Defense Force Bands. 

Perhaps the most elegant of the III MEF Band’s chamber ensembles, the woodwind quintet follows standard instrumentation, consisting of flute, bassoon, oboe, French horn, and clarinet.  Developed in late 18th-century central Europe, the woodwind quintet has a vast repertoire that highlights the warm colors characteristic of this ensemble. The III MEF Band Woodwind Quintet principally covers Marine Corps retirement ceremonies, Birthday Balls, and small community engagements.