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Press Releases

U.S. Marine Corps Conducts Concurrent Bilateral Exercises
11 Jul 2023

U.S. Marine Corps Conducts Concurrent Bilateral Exercises


The U.S. Marine Corps is conducting concurrent bilateral exercises with Allies and joint force partners throughout the first island chain. These exercises demonstrate III MEF’s ability to command and control Stand-in-Force (SIF) formations and capabilities as they conduct distributed operations with joint and combined forces in support of sea denial operations and the retention of key maritime terrain, sense and make sense of what is happening, and support regional security and stability. As a critical component of Indo-Pacific Command’s SIF, III MEF is working with Allies and partners, deterring aggression and providing a persistent and prepared presence where hostilities may occur. Ultimately, the SIF identifies and counters malign behavior, imposes costs before and during conflict, and provides fleet and joint force commanders more time and flexibility to make decisions and act.


Simultaneously, the U.S. Marine Corps is conducting multiple training events throughout Japan, the Philippines, and Australia. III MEF units participating in these events are 3d Marine Division’s 12 Marine Regiment and 3d Marine Littoral Regiment, III MEF Information Group, 3d Marine Logistics Group’s Combat Logistics Regiments 37 and 3, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, 3d Transportation Battalion, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), 3d Medical Battalion, and 3d Sustainment Group (Experimental). Marine Corps Installations Pacific is providing support to III MEF training events and conducting its own readiness and preparedness exercises. These multiple training events help to build interoperability between the U.S. Marine Corps and our Allies and partners that contribute to increased readiness of forces, and security and stability in the Indo-Pacific.

Marines in the Pacific serve as an expeditionary force-in-readiness. They operate as air-ground-logistics teams and are forward positioned and actively employed throughout the Indo-Pacific every day. Pacific Marines live and work alongside the joint force and like-minded Allies and partners to prevent conflict, respond to crisis, and if the Nation calls, to fight and win. 

III MEF maintains the highest level of readiness for contingencies across the spectrum of military operations while simultaneously modernizing and transforming to meet emergent threats.

From 10 to 17 July, III MEF will provide daily activity summaries of the ongoing exercises.





- Resolute Dragon 23 CPX Deployment:

- 3rd Marine Logistics Group bilateral opening ceremony for exercise Resolute Dragon 23:

- III MIG Sensor EABO Establishment:

- MALS-12 Fly to Kadena for Northern Edge 23.2:


- III MEF Combined Arms Staff Trainer Brief:

- Northern Edge 23-2 (Ie Shima Paraops):

- Northern Edge 23-2 | 1st Lt. Andrew Marchi Interview:

- Northern Edge 23-2 | 1st Lt. Keith Wright Interview:






- Cross-MEF Engagement | I MEF (Fwd.) Commander meets with leaders from 3rd MLR:


- MAG-12 ordnance load Iwakuni:

- CLR-17 Filipino-American Marine teaches CBRN class:


- 3rd and 1st MAW collaborate to deliver fixed-wing ordinance to the Philippines for the first time:

- MASA 23: Dropping in | Marines with 3rd MLR fast rope out of an Osprey:

- MASA 23 | Filipino and U.S. Marines Conduct Aerial Sniping Training:

- Filipino Marines para ops from USMC KC-130J Super Hercules:

- MASA 23: Joint Para Ops | U.S. Servicemembers and Philippine Marines conduct Pararescue operations:

- MASA | Filipino and U.S. Marines Practice Aerial Sniping Techniques:

- MASA 23 | C-5 Super Galaxy Unloads Cargo in Preparation for MASA:

- MASA 23: Aircraft inside Aircraft | C-5 Super Galaxy Transports H-1s to the Philippines:

- Vipers at MASA 23:

- U.S. and Philippine Marines train Aerial Sniper Technique:

- CH-53E: We have lift off:

- US-PHL Basketball:

- CH-53E Fam Flights:


- CH-53E Rainbow sky:

- US-PHL HIMARS discussion


- Aerial sniping:


- Fastroping:


- HADR training:





- Australian Cadets get to interact with U.S. Marine MV-22B Osprey:

- E Co Australian airfield assault exercise:

-F-35B Take-off From the USS America:

- BLT 2/1 Snipers Provide Support During a VBSS:

-  BLT 2/1 conducts Trap exercise in Australia:

- 3rd LAR Patrols Shoal Water Bay Training Area:

- STORY: “Unprecedented Interchangeability: U.S. Marines and Aussie Airmen Fly, Maintain and Operate Joint Strike Fighters Together”

Last updated July 17, 2023