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Medical and Dental Information Guides



Please review the welcome aboard brief in the "Helpful Documents" section located at the bottom of this page and report to your local medical clinic. 



Starting on March 13th, 2023, the hospital and branch clinics will be open to all personnel on a space-available basis and where capacity exists. This means that patients are no longer required to call at a specific time to get an appointment and can book appointments in the future. All specialty care is available where capacity exists.

Military Treatment Facilities, such as United States Naval Hospital Okinawa, provide a comprehensive range of health care services to active-duty service members and authorized TRICARE Prime beneficiaries within each respective area of responsibility. MTFs also support local Department of Defense communities by service TRICARE for Life, TRICARE Select, and non-enrolled personnel on a space-available basis. The primary mission of MTFs is to support the health care needs of our active-duty population and their family members. In line with that mission, current United States Law and federal regulations prioritize access to health care for TRICARE Prime beneficiaries. When active-duty service members and TRICARE Prime beneficiaries experience long wait times or are unable to schedule necessary appointments in a timely manner MTFs may determine they do not have space available to see non-enrolled beneficiaries. Non-enrolled patients may access 24/7 Emergency Department coverage in the event of a medical emergency. Non-enrolled patients are eligible to have prescriptions filled at MTF Pharmacies, so long as the prescriptions are from a license U.S. provider and are written in English. DHAR-IP encourages non-enrolled patients to work with their respective health insurance companies or Human Resources representatives for more information on available health care coverage, options for care, and other related questions. The policy that defines MTF roles, functions, and availability has been in place since 2018.

The precedence of care is still the same; active-duty service members and their families have priority. All other patients will be seen on a space-available basis. MTFs will continue to maximize space-available access to non-enrolled personnel.


*Please review the helpful documents linked below for additional information.


For more information regarding scheduling appointments and reviewing your personnel medical records, please visit


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Emergency Contact Information

Kadena Air Force Base

DSN: 911 / Cell: 098-934-5911

Camp Smedley Butler

DSN: 911 / Cell: 098-911-1911

Off Base

Cell: 119

Dental: USNHO Quarterdeck

098-971-9355, 0

Dentist on Duty

Cell: 080-2721-0412

Kadena Clinic

Cell: 098-960-4817


Helpful Documents