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Staff Sgt. Michael Newell, a native of Tallahassee, Florida, began his love and passion for the saxophone at the age of 12. He started practicing in middle school and continued throughout high school. Prior to the Marine Corps, he spent some time at Tallahassee Community College, but decided to pursue his passion for music by joining the Marine Corps and auditioning for a position in the band. This year, Newell is one of the 10 Marine Corps band nominees for the title of Marine Corps Staff Noncommissioned Officer Musician of the Year. “My love for the Marine Corps and playing music has just increased the longer I’ve stayed in.” (Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Kathy Nunez)

Photo by Lance Cpl. Andy Martinez

Tallahassee-native Embracing Both Worlds | Marine and Musician

5 Mar 2017 | Lance Cpl. Andy Martinez III Marine Expeditionary Force

Finally, the opportunity was given to the Tallahassee, Florida native when he enlisted in the Marine Corps.

Growing up, Newell knew where he wanted to go in life, but he didn’t know how to get there. He performed in minor music venues back in his hometown, such as the Tallahassee Swing Band, Quincy Music Theater, Theatre Tallahassee, and Theatre A La Carte, but the small-time gigs didn't constitute a career.

Rather than giving up, Newell began looking at alternative paths to pursue music.

“I needed to do something different,” said Newell. “That was my mission. I had to be different from everybody else, even if that means I had to join an organization in which conformity was the key to success.”

Newell believed that being a part of something bigger rather than struggling on his own would present a better chance to launch himself and those beside him into a path of success.

Newell, a 2004 graduate of Lawton Chiles High School in Tallahassee, said he didn’t know about the opportunity the Marine Corps presented for musicians until right before he joined. His childhood best friend, former Sgt. Joseph Harris, a trombone instrumentalist, told Newell about the Musician Enlistment Option Program. The program provides Newell and other musicians the opportunity to serve their country and travel the world with their passion for music.

“I like playing music, and I also wanted to be a Marine,” said Newell, who came into the Marine Corps as a saxophone instrumentalist. “Combine those two things and there you go, that’s my motivation.”

After joining, Newell set his sights on Marine Corps Musician of the Year, which not only meant being an excellent instrumentalist, but an excellent Marine.

“Newell is a high-caliber Marine,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Andres Navarro, director and officer-in-charge of the III MEF Band. “He’s physically fit, disciplined, and an outstanding staff noncommissioned officer.”

For fiscal year 2010, then Sgt. Newell was nominated as Marine Corps Musician of the Year with the Albany Marine Band. Newell was nominated for the second time for fiscal year 2016 as Marine Corps SNCO Musician of the Year with the III MEF Band.

“It’s gratifying because I put a lot of work into producing the recording for the Musician of the Year competition,” said Newell.

Newell was not victorious on claiming either of those titles, but said he is still grateful for the opportunity the Marine Corps presented him. It gave him the chance to live a life as a musician for one of the world’s most renowned military organizations.

“I’m glad I stuck with the band, and I’m glad I found the band,” said Newell. “It was a life-changer.”

Now, as a rifleman and bandsman representing the Marine Corps in Okinawa, Newell has found his place in the spotlight.

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