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Ready to Fight | 3d Law Enforcement Battalion Marines tested for combat readiness

By Lance Cpl. Joshua Pinkney | 3D Law Enforcement Battalion | April 24, 2017


For the first time, Marines with 3d Law Enforcement Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group, III MEF,  conducted a Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation at Central Training Area, Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan, April 13 - 23, 2017.

The MCCRE marks the first time that non-infantry units of III MEF have been evaluated on a battalion level.

“III MEF wants to ensure that all of their units are combat evaluated; not only our combat arms units, but also our support units, so we can all be ready to fight tonight when we are called upon,” said Capt. Andrew P. Ehrenfeld, a training officer for 3d LE Bn and a native of Edison, New Jersey. “We understand how essential all of our units are to the furthering of our mission here in the Pacific.”

The evaluation validated the training readiness of the battalion and tested their ability to perform in an actual scenario. It tested each company’s ability to conduct tasks which range from policing operations to police patrolling, route regulations, key leader engagements in towns and local population centers, security of key infrastructure, identity operations and law enforcement operations in an expeditionary environment.

The MCCRE evaluators judged the unit on its ability to utilize all of the facets of its training and readiness manual. The manual is specific to each occupational field and details the mission and goals of a unit while also giving detailed steps on training methods needed to be taken in order for a unit to be combat ready.

The way the battalion dealt with situations like riot control and humanitarian aid were tested in order for the battalion to demonstrate an understanding of how to react to a variety of scenarios.

The Marines were also tested on their ability to carry out tasks at a moment’s notice, in order to strengthen their ability to support the MEF.

“We key-in on the battalion’s ability to conduct operations specific to the military police, but we test more than that,” said Capt. Chris L. Marion, an evaluator from Headquarters Battalion, Marine Corps Installations Pacific. “We are here to make sure the battalion is ultimately able to be sent anywhere around the world and perform up to par with what’s expected of it.”

“It is up to the leaders of battalions across the Marine Corps to determine which parts of their training schemes must be altered and which parts should remain the same, in order to further support III MEF and keep the force combat ready at all times,” said Marion, a native of Detroit, Michigan.

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