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Range coach makes a difference

By Lance Cpl. Christine Phelps | III Marine Expeditionary Force | August 20, 2018

Lance Cpl. Timothy Larrigan, a native of Fenton, Mo., knew he didn’t want to be a roofer and a brick layer anymore, he wanted to serve his country, so he started researching all the branches of service until he made his decision.

In June of 2016, Larrigan made the decision to walk into an Arnold Missouri recruiting station and sign his contract to become a machine gunner in the United States Marine Corps.

“I always wanted to serve in the military whenever I was younger and just getting out of high school,” said Larrigan, a range coach for Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. “After studying a little bit more about the different branches the Marine Corps seemed like it was the best fit for me

Larrigan received orders to Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan, in May of 2017. Within a month of being on island, Larrigan was sent to become a range coach for Marines annual rifle range qualifications.

Larrigan shows his knowledge of weaponry and gets the chance to make Marines more confident on the range.

“The best part is whenever you have shooters that aren’t very confident in their abilities or have trouble shooting, you can coach them through their shooting,” said Larrigan. “It is awesome seeing the Marines scores improve and actually become better shooters.”

Larrigan gets the chance to teach an abundant amount of Marines from enlisted to officers. His charisma and positive attitude creates a learning experience unlike most would expect.

“I haven’t had a coach as hands on and helpful as Larrigan,” said Cpl. John Carmona, property noncommissioned officer for Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. “When I was stationed on Camp Pendleton I was a sharpshooter and thanks to Larrigan I am an expert now.”

Not only does Larrigan have a positive attitude but he creates a calm and confident Marine on the range and he is willing to help out other range coaches to make sure the day runs smoothly.

“He’s always putting the effort in to help the shooters around him,” said Sgt. Carlos Smith, a block noncommissioned officer for Headquarters Battalion, 3rd Marine Division.

Larrigan’s positive attitude at work and drive to better Marines around him will continue to impact those he coaches.

“Regardless of the situation I am in, I always try my best and give it everything I have,” said Larrigan.
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