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U.S. Marine Cpl. LeClair awarded Avionics Marine of the Year

By 2nd Lt. Bridget Glynn | III Marine Expeditionary Force | May 23, 2019


On April 8, 2019 U.S. Marine Cpl. Kyle M. LeClair, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24, Marine Aircraft Group 24, was awarded the Marine Corps Aviation Association’s Paul G. Vess Award for Avionics Marine of the Year.

The annual Avionics Marine of the Year award was renamed in Vess’ honor in 1995 for “the most outstanding contribution to Marine aviation by an Avionics Technician.” Master Gunnery Sgt. Vess devoted over 30 years to the Marine Aviation community and his efforts improved reliability of aircraft avionics systems. His award is meant to recognize the excellent performance of the Avionics Marine of the year.

LeClair embodies the attributes necessary to earn such a prestigious award. “Cpl. LeClair’s professionalism and devotion to duty have made a profound impact in support of aircraft readiness and left an indelible impression on all Marines and sailors throughout the Navy and Marine Corps,” stated Gunnery Sgt. Badua, Avionics Marine, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 24, Marine Aircraft Group 24, in LeClair’s award summary.

Badua supervises LeClair and works with him closely. The frequent interaction between the two allows for the observation of notable events. Throughout his time in MALS-24 LeClair has proved his technical acumen by spending countless hours troubleshooting, performing repairs, and innovating creative solutions to improves the squadron’s readiness in record time.

“Cpl LeClair has a brilliant mind. He’s the type of guy that finds ways to improve the process, and he has the knowledge to back up why it will work. He doesn’t just have ideas, he has solutions,” affirmed Badua.

Driven by a passion for his work, LeClair spends much of his free time learning about the avionics field, which has increased his knowledge tremendously. Through study, LeClair is intimately familiar with electronic theory and dedicates time to learn the specifics of each system he works with. The comprehension and understanding he possesses allows him to get an accurate visualization of any issues, which simplifies troubleshooting.

LeClair doesn’t take the credit for his success though. Rather he attributes it to the Marines he works with. “Everybody I work with has taught me something,” explained LeClair.

LeClair loves what he does and wants to see the avionics community thrive. After attending the award symposium, he was excited that so many of the Marines in attendance shared his views and opinions on what will provide his community success in the future.

The Marine Corps is advancing technologically and with improved aircraft there is a need for increased understanding within the avionics community. Marines will be expected to know more, and this will be accomplished through the mentorship of young Marines by experienced electricians such as LeClair.

LeClair shares his knowledge with his fellow Marines at every opportunity. He wants to give back to the avionics community and he understands the importance of having a strong work ethic to accomplish his goals. Through his accomplishments with MALS-24 and the receipt of this award, LeClair personifies all attributes of MAG-24: Skilled, Smart, Strong.

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