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Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
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Equipment reset team enables III MEF mission

By | | September 7, 2012

CAMP KINSER, Japan - Veterans are often recognized for their selfless sacrifice to their nation, and while all gave some, and some gave all, a small number continue to give back as civilians.

A team of eight former Marines and one former U.S. Army soldier serving on Okinawa shines a light on those who continue to serve after their active-duty and reserve contracts are up. These nine individuals make up the Marine Corps Logistics Command’s Operation Enduring Freedom reset team with III Marine Expeditionary Force.

MCLC operates at the service and operational logistics levels, providing support across the entire Marine Corps. One function MCLC serves is as the equipment inventory manager for the Marine Corps, which includes distributing equipment to III MEF units.
The reset team on Okinawa is responsible for receiving, assessing, tracking and inventorying ground equipment returning from Afghanistan that will fill III MEF requirements. Managing this process would be an added burden on III MEF units, which are otherwise engaged in training, deployments and theater security cooperation exercises in the Asia-Pacific region.

“My team’s ability to do what we do frees up III MEF from an extra workload, which allows them the opportunity to focus on their mission,” said Lorenzo A. Townsend, the team’s leader and retired Marine. “This job is an opportunity for me to give back to the Marine Corps, which gave so much to me over my 30-year career.”

Each team member’s job correlates to their former active-duty military occupational specialty, increasing the efficiency of the team. The team is composed of a team leader, supply lead, supply technician, maintenance manager, distribution advocate, communications expert, an ordnance expert and two warehouse technicians.

Each member of the team plays a pivotal role in the process of getting deployable gear to III MEF.

“My role is important in supporting III MEF because without a weapon, a Marine can’t properly do his job in combat,” said Eric T. South, the ordnance expert for the team. “I love my job and take a lot of pride in continuing to assist the military.”

The team was established in November 2011 to serve as the entry point for all OEF equipment transitioning to III MEF. To date, it has received about 2,500 pieces of ground equipment and distributed over 1,000 items to III MEF units, with the remaining items currently in the repair cycle.

“It’s critical that we get the equipment out of Afghanistan, get it repaired or rebuilt as necessary, and get it into the hands of III MEF for future missions and exercises,” said James A. Varner, the MCLC liaison officer with III MEF.

The team has seen many different pieces of equipment come through its warehouse, including radios, generators, mortars, shotguns, 7-ton trucks, land extension modules and remote control units.

“The team has worked together so well it is to the point where we know what each other is thinking,” said Townsend. “This team shows that we are all still dedicated to assisting III MEF in its mission.”

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