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Forager Fury II to exercise Marine Corps Aviation

4 Dec 2013 |

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa, Japan - Forager Fury II (FF II) is scheduled to take place Dec. 2-20 on Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, Tinian's West and North Fields, and Farallon De Medinilla Target Range. FF II is firmly grounded in the successes and lessons learned from prior exercises conducted in the Mariana Island Range Complex (MIRC).

During FF II, Andersen AFB will serve as the Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG-12) forward operating base and operations center. Training on Tinian's West Field includes emplacement of arresting gear and fuel storage/distribution for purposes of extending aviation training throughout the MIRC.

Training on Tinian's North Field includes clearing, stripping and repairing the landing surface on Abel, Baker, Charlie, and Dog runways and the installation of matting for vertical take-off and landing of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft.

These runways contain a historical significance that dates back to World War II. After the Battle of Tinian in 1944, the runways were constructed to support long-range air operations. The runways were closed in March 1947 and re-opened in June 2012 when a KC-130J Hercules, assigned to 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, landed on Baker runway for the first time in 65 years.

Training on Tinian and Guam will incorporate a variety of U.S. Marine fixed wing, rotor wing, and tiltrotor aircraft. Participating U.S. Marine Corps aircraft will include FA-18 Hornets, EA-6B Prowlers and KC-130J Hercules. To increase joint capabilities, the U.S. Air Force and Navy will also provide aviation assets and support personnel during the exercise.

U.S. Marine Corps Forces from Marine Wing Support Squadron 171, MAG-12, 1st MAW, III Marine Expeditionary Force, have been training on Tinian's North Field since early November in order to prepare the four runways for flight operations.

FF II provides an excellent opportunity for III MEF to demonstrate its ability to displace rapidly and generate significant combat power in an expeditionary environment.

During the exercise, III MEF will plan and execute mission rehearsals designed to replicate theater specific combat conditions. Additionally, FF II will allow MAG-12 to improve aviation combat integration across all echelons of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force and heighten expeditionary readiness.

All of the training will be conducted within the scope of Environmental Impact Statements and in accordance with the existing MIRC training manual.