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Pictured is Col. Chris Braney preparing for a visit with Japan Ground Self Defense Force logistics officers on Camp Kinser, Feb. 22. The visit is an effort to share the Marine Corps' standard operating procedures in supply and distribution operations with the JGSDF in hopes of enhancing future combined or coalition operations. Braney, from Syracuse, New York, is the regimental commanding officer of Combat Logistics Regiment 35, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, III Marine Expeditionary Force.

Photo by Cpl. Tyler Ngiraswei

Syracuse Marine Shares Logistics Knowhow with Japanese Military

25 Feb 2016 | Story by Cpl. Tyler Ngiraswei III Marine Expeditionary Force

Officers with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force spent a day with Combat Logistics Regiment 35 Marines to observe how Marines handle logistics on Camp Kinser, Feb. 23.

“The real purpose with the visit today with the JGSDF is to give them an opportunity to see how we do supply and distribution operations across the Pacific,” said Col. Chris Braney, the commanding officer for CLR-35, 3rd Marine Logistics Group, III Marine Expeditionary Force. “It will really enhance their understanding of our side, so they could mimic us and feed off the best practices and procedures we use out here to make us successful.”

The Japanese officers visited two supply warehouses to observe the equipment and Marines at work, received a class explaining supply paths and clearances needed to make it to the end users and shared their own standard operating procedures.

“We always operate in joint or coalition environments,” said Braney, from Syracuse, New York. “This is another great opportunity for us to begin to interact with each other working with the Japanese to start to integrate our logistics capabilities across the pacific. Both of us will make better war fighting organizations as we move forward into the future.”

The Japanese officers’ visit also helped the JGSDF build on their logistics officer course with examples of trade skills they could enhance.

“I believe that to learn your way would be very beneficial for us,” said JGSDF Col.Yasuhisa Fujino. “You have the benefits of using the naval ships and your terminals are better equipped. We have contracts with civilian contractors, so in the transportation aspect, we are very interested in learning.”

The event is an initial phase of Camp Kinser’s future plans, according to Braney. Ultimately, the allies would like to have JGSDF logistics units stationed on the base working alongside the Marines.

“Really understanding on how we do business and how they do business to integrate as we go forward into the future,” said Braney. “Potentially in a joint environment or a coalition or even to support one of our partner nations in the pacific for something simple like a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.”