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Lt. Gen. Lawrence D. Nicholson, the Okinawa area coordinator and commanding general of III Marine Expeditionary Force, announces the planned resumption of normal off-duty liberty policy for U.S. service members on Okinawa, June 24, 2016, with slight modifications.

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Period of unity and mourning set to end June 28

24 Jun 2016 | III MEF Public Affairs III Marine Expeditionary Force

The period of unity and mourning is hereby rescinded effective 0459, 28 June 2016.

1. Effective 0500, 28 June 2016, all uniformed status of forces agreement (SOFA) personnel present on Okinawa, Japan, will adhere to the standing USFJ liberty policy subject to the additional policy measures provided in paragraph 5. All other SOFA status personnel are highly
encouraged to support the spirit and intent of this policy. This policy message is a lawful general order.

2. Situation: While the off-base curtailment measures will conclude, our sincere desire to unify with the Okinawan community and role as representatives of the United States in Okinawa,Japan, continues. To foster an environment in which all uniformed SOFA status personnel
fulfill their roles as representatives of the United States in Okinawa, Japan, I am directing all U.S. Armed forces personnel, and encouraging all other SOFA status personnel, to comply with
the standing USFJ liberty policy and the additional policy measures detailed in paragraph 5.

2.a. Definition: "uniformed SOFA status personnel" includes all members of the U.S ArmedForces. “Other SOFA status personnel” includes dependents of uniformed SOFA status personnel; the civilian component in the employment of, serving with, or accompanying the
U.S. Armed forces (including contractors with SOFA status), and their respective family members; and any other personnel to whom SOFA status has been granted.

3. Mission: Effective 0500, 28 June 2016, all uniformed SOFA status personnel permanently or temporarily assigned to installations on Okinawa or who are transiting through this location in a
TAD/TDY/leave status, will commence adherence to the standing USFJ liberty policy and the additional policy measures detailed in paragraph 5 below. This order will remain in effect until further notice. Component commanders retain the authority to extend this order, or implement additional restrictive liberty measures, necessary for the maintenance of good order and discipline within their commands.

4. Commanders intent: The intent of this order is to ensure that we safeguard the vital relationship we have with Japan, and to bolster our collective military readiness in the PACOM area of operations. We have strategic regional responsibilities and are charged by our national
leadership and the American people to be ready to fight tonight – we do this by keeping faith with the people of Okinawa and the American community in the execution of every mission. Liberty is a mission. Successful execution of liberty has positive impacts on the local
community here on Okinawa, and directly contributes to our ability to conduct operations in the defense of Japan and in the interests of the United States.

4.a. I direct all military leaders and civilian supervisors to reinforce and discuss with their personnel our responsibilities for honorable service and personal conduct.

5. Concept of operations: All uniformed SOFA status personnel shall observe the USFJ liberty policy and the below policy measures. Additionally, all other SOFA-status personnel are highly encouraged to observe the USFJ liberty policy and the below policy measures:

5.a. Commanders may resume enforcement of previously promulgated service specific orders, regulations, and policies governing leave, liberty, and off-base activities provided they are consistent with USFJ liberty policy and this order. Service commanders may publish new orders, regulations, and policies consistent with the USFJ liberty policy, relevant service directives, and this order.

5.b. Overnight liberty, special liberty, or leave between midnight and 0500 in areas south of Camp Kinser and highway 38 is prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to U.S. Armed Forces personnel performing official duties (e.g. training events, official travel, community relations events, assisting with medical emergencies, sponsorship duties, etc.)
5.c. Uniformed SOFA status personnel shall depart off-installation bars, clubs, and similar establishments whose primary business is the provision of alcoholic beverages no later than midnight.

5.d. All off-installation liberty secures at 0100 for all ranks. Curfew hours are from 0100 to 0500 daily. Uniformed SOFA status personnel who live off-installation must return to their personal off-installation residence by 0100, including an off-installation hotel room when authorized. Uniformed SOFA status personnel who live on-installation must return to their home installation by 0100.

5.e. "Home installation" refers to U.S. bases, posts, stations, recreational facilities etc., located on Okinawa where personnel have permanent billeting or authorized temporary billeting.

5.f. All E-5 and below personnel shall have a liberty buddy when executing off-installation liberty.

6. Coordinating instructions: Exceptions to this policy are delegated to O-6 level commanders for approving pre-existing and pre-planned obligations, special events, medical emergencies, or other compelling reasons on a case-by-case basis.

6.a. Personally operated vehicles, entering and departing military installations may be subject to sobriety checkpoints and liberty enforcement measures.

6.b. Should disparity exist between this order and other properly promlugated orders, regulations, or policies, the more restrictive rules will apply.

7. This policy has no effect for uniformed SOFA status personnel present in mainland Japan or in a leave or liberty status outside of Okinawa.

8. Administration and Logistics: Commanders are required to personally disseminate this message to all uniformed SOFA status personnel.

9. This order does not supercede the 7th Fleet/CNFJ message released by VADM Aucoin and RADM Carter for all Japan based sailors. Once 7th Fleet/CNFJ sailors stationed in Okinawa return to normal liberty, this order will be in effect for them as well.

10. Any violation of this order by a member of the U.S. Armed Forces may result in punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or administrative action. All other SOFA status personnel, including civilians, contractors and dependents, are highly encouraged to support the spirit and intent of this order.