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6th Annual Okinawa Zombie Walk: Brains!

By Lance Cpl. Nelson Duenas | III Marine Expeditionary Force | November 1, 2016

Flowing light moves like a river in a stark world of immense concrete roots. Kids dress for festivities. Happy shouts are drowned by the immensity of massive dull structures, metal monsters, and everywhere smiles lay bare - a convenient backdrop to set the scene for the 6th Annual Okinawa Zombie Walk.

The Zombie Walk was held at American Village, Okinawa, Japan, Oct. 30, 2016, and was open for anyone who wanted to participate in the local community.

“There's no charge to participate outside of what it costs to transform into a zombie,” said Jamie Snider, photographer and coordinator for the Okinawa Zombie Walk. The zombies met in parking lot D at American Village and portraits were done for zombies who showed up early. “Then it's time to walk,” said Snider, a Palm Bay, Florida native. “The intention of the event is to have fun.”

Service members and civilians also had the opportunity to volunteer and guide the zombies as they had their pictures taken around the village.

“It is one of those things worth volunteering for,” said Lance Cpl. Jiskco Alvarez II, a Zombie Walk volunteer. Alvarez is an administration specialist with Headquarters Support Battalion, .
“I want to spend time outside base helping out others,” said Alvarez.

According to Snider, the volunteers’ time and effort was rewarded with a Letter of Appreciation after the event.
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