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III Marine Expeditionary Force

Forward, Faithful, Focused

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the Marine Corps?

Q: What is the mission of III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF)?

Q: What is a precautionary landing?

What is the Marine Corps?

The United States Marine Corps is a service within the Department of the Navy and is the “ready force” of the United States’ armed services. 

The United States Marine Corps is specifically organized for rapid deployment in response to crises, natural or manmade.  These operations span a vast range from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to forcible entry, airfield and port seizures, and combat operations.  True to their title of the “ready force,” Marines are able to respond quickly and hold aggression at bay.  This gives decision makers time and space to determine follow-on actions and enables the mobilization of additional forces.  

Marines operate as Marine Air Ground Task Forces.  These task forces are self-sustainable and able to be scaled to the needs of the mission.  They are comprised of ground, air, and logistics elements all united under one command.  For example, a Marine Expeditionary Unit is a battalion landing team (ground), a composite squadron (air), and a logistics battalion all united under one command and deployed on Navy ships.  There are seven Marine Expeditionary Units.  A Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) is larger than a Marine Expeditionary Unit and is comprised of a division (ground), an aircraft wing (air), a logistics group (logistics, supply, maintenance, transportation, health services, general engineering, etc.), and an information group all united under one command.  There are three Marine Expeditionary Forces.






海兵隊員は、海兵空陸機動部隊(MAGTF)として活動しています。MAGTFには自己完結性があり、任務の 必要性に合わせて部隊の拡張や縮小を行うことができます。MAGTF は、1 つの指揮の下に地上・航空・兵站部隊がすべて統合された形で構成されています。たとえば、海兵遠征部隊(MEU)は、大隊上陸チーム(地上)と混成飛行中隊(航空)、兵站部隊がすべて 1 つの指揮の下に統合され、海軍の船舶に配備されています。

MEU は現在、7 つの部隊があります。海兵遠征軍(MEF)は、MEU よりも規模が大きく、1 個の海兵師団(地上)と1 個の海兵航空団(航空)、1個の海兵兵站群 (兵站・補給・整備・輸送・医療業務・工学全般など)、情報群が 1 つの指揮の下に統合されて成り立っています。現在、3 つの MEF が編成されています。


What is the mission of III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF)?

III MEF provides the United States with a forward-deployed “ready force” in the Pacific Theater.  It is a globally responsive and scalable Marine Air Ground Task Force capable of generating, deploying, and employing forces for the full range of military operations.

III Marine Expeditionary Force is one of three Marine Expeditionary Forces in the Marine Corps and is the only forward-deployed one.  It is headquartered in Okinawa and contains forces in Hawaii and Japan (Okinawa and Iwakuni).  It is comprised of 3d Marine Division (ground), 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (air), 3d Marine Logistics Group (logistics, supply, maintenance, transportation, health services, general engineering, etc.), and III MEF Information Group


3海兵遠征軍 (III MEF) のミッションとは?


第3海兵遠征軍は、海兵隊に3つある海兵遠征軍のひとつで、唯一前方展開されているものです。沖縄に本部があり、ハワイと日本 (沖縄と岩国) の部隊がそこに含まれます。第3海兵師団 (陸上部隊) 、 第1海兵航空団 (航空部隊) 、第3海兵兵站群 (後方支援、補給、メンテナンス、輸送、医療サービス、エンジニアリング全般など) 、第3海兵遠征軍情報グループで構成されています。


What is a precautionary landing?

A precautionary landing is a safe premeditated landing, on or off an airport, when further flight is possible but inadvisable. Examples of conditions that may call for a precautionary landing include deteriorating weather, being lost, fuel shortage, or gradually developing engine trouble. 

A forced landing is an immediate landing, on or off an airport, necessitated by the inability to continue further flight. A typical example of which is an airplane forced down by engine failure.

Ditching is a forced or precautionary landing on water.

Generally, a precautionary landing is less hazardous than a forced landing because the pilot has more time for terrain selection and the planning of the approach safely.