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III Marine Expeditionary Force


III Marine Expeditionary Force

Forward, Faithful, Focused

Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
Message to the Force


Message to the Force

I am honored to serve once again in III Marine Expeditionary Force - the only continuously forward-deployed and forward-employed MEF in our Marine Corps.

I am heartened to see our Indo-Pacific Marines and Sailors remain faithful to our core values, set the standard of Marine fighting virtue, and remain vigilant in their conduct. You tenaciously remain most ready when our Nation calls. You are also ready to lend a helping hand to our allies, partners, and friends whenever they are in need.

As Marines, we have only one priority - to fight and win. Our Nation demands it and our fellow Americans expect it. Our potential adversaries fear the day they will face United States Marines in battle. We maintain the highest combat effectiveness through professional discipline and competence, technical and tactical proficiency, teamwork, and esprit. Vaunted Marine leadership ensures our success in all aspects of war and in our ability to fight.

I have modest expectations of you - only that you meet your obligations as a Marine or Sailor and member of III MEF. In this I am uncompromising. I am comfortable you know what this means and that you will continue to make yourself and us all proud.

You can expect I will provide you clarity of purpose and direction, provide whatever you need to accomplish your mission, and look out for you and your families. I further promise you I will spend every ounce of my strength and weight of my position to meet these obligations.

Marines, Sailors, we are beginning a new era. From where I sit, the future is bright. Our new Commandant is looking West and expects III MEF to lead the Corps into this new age. It is easy to complain about challenges and shortages, but Marines throughout the ages always have made do with less. Do what you can. Take care of the task right in front of you. Take care of each other. This is the way of Marines. This is the way of the Navy-Marine Corps team.

I look forward to meeting each of you in the months ahead. I will continue to share my thoughts in future Messages to the Force.

Semper Fidelis,

H.S. Clardy, III

Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps

Commanding General