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The Good, the Kind and the Electrician
13 Aug 2018
Cpl. Kyle P. Menz strides confidently into his workshop twenty minutes early, as he does everyday. It's quiet now, but soon the sound of generators and moving feet will fill the large garage. Junior Marines will surround him, asking for advice on electrical problems and he’ll go above and beyond to help and teach them.
Prior to being in the Marines, Menz found work with an outreach program as an assistant helping mentally and physically disabled adults, which inspired his generous nature.
“I just wanted to give back someway, and I feel like helping people from this community really gave me a great feeling,” said Menz a native of New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Menz said after multiple jobs and college-major changes, he would carry on with his good-hearted nature by serving in the Marine Corps and making an impact on his peers.
“Once I talked with a recruiter, he really had me sold and I thought I could dedicate myself to this,” said Menz.
After completing recruit training, Menz reported to III Marine Expeditionary Force Support Battalion, III Marine Information Group, III MEF, Camp Hansen, Okinawa, April 21, 2016 as an electrician. Menz was able to thrive with the help of the Marines around him, earning Marine of the Quarter, March 31, 2018, and a meritorious promotion to corporal, June 2, 2018.
Sgt. Duane Levy Jr., an engineer chief with III MSB, said Menz’s great leadership is proven in his ability to know his Marines, look out for their welfare and diligently keep them informed.
“He does his job exceptionally and holds a high level of knowledge within his job field,” said Levy, a native of Washington D.C. “He takes the junior Marines under his wing and shows them what he knows so they may take his place one day.”
Menz said he has simple advice for new Marines.
“Don’t be scared,” Menz said. “The biggest thing you can do is be confident with what you do.”
Pfc. Samual Valencia, an electrician with III MSB, said he looks up to Menz because of Menz’s kind and generous disposition.
“When I first got here I was very scared, very nervous, but Cpl. Menz stepped up to the plate, showed me around and I’m really happy for him now that he’s a noncommissioned officer,” said Pfc. Valencia, a native of Siler City, North Carolina.
Menz’s superior, Levy, praises him as the most hardworking Marine he has ever had the pleasure of working alongside of.
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