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III MEF and 7th Fleet complete distributed operation exercise on Okinawa and Iwo To
19 Oct 2020


OKINAWA, Japan -- Exercise Noble Fury 21, a joint exercise between the U.S Marine Corps’ III Marine Expeditionary Force and the U.S. Navy’s 7th Fleet intended to improve the Navy-Marine Corps team’s ability to conduct coordinated, simultaneous missions to project forces forward and establish control of key maritime terrain, concluded Oct. 15, 2020.

During Noble Fury, the Navy-Marine Corps team executed two High Mobility Artillery Rocket System Raid Infiltration (HIRAIN) missions onto two Japanese islands, one on Ie Shima and one on Iwo To, established a forward arming and refueling point (FARP), and completed several maritime raids, all commanded and controlled by distributed nodes on Okinawa and aboard USS America (LHA-6).

"Exercise NOBLE FURY demonstrated the strength of III MEF and 7th Fleet unifying forces to demonstrate and practice our collective ability to deter aggression, respond to crisis and assure our allies and partners," said Col. Robert Brodie, III Marine Expeditionary Force operations officer. "Throughout the past two weeks, we rehearsed the critical relationship between III MEF and 7th Fleet focused on a Fleet Marine Force mentality necessary to ensure we are ready and postured to fight now."

The future of the naval services was on display at Noble Fury. This future envisions a light, agile Marine Corps force to conduct raids and rapidly seize islands throughout the Indo-Pacific to aid in establishing expeditionary advanced bases. These distributed, small bases can support FARPs and expeditionary fires positions in support of the joint force’s ability to conduct sea control and sea denial.

"The Marine Corps is aligning its efforts to the future fight. We used this exercise to rehearse our distribution of forces, fires and equipment across islands throughout the region," said Col. Brodie. "The MAGTF (Marine Air Ground Task Force) must be able to establish expeditionary advanced bases quickly to gain and maintain the advantage while supporting sea control operations. These proficiencies were on full display when III MEF, working in conjunction with 7th Fleet, conducted two HIRAIN operations utilizing distributed command and control."

To accomplish this, a small squad of Force Reconnaissance Marines with 3d Marine Division landed on an island in the East China Sea. They quickly assessed the feasibility of landing follow on forces and communicated that information back to the III MEF Battle Center with a favorable report and local targeting information.

Upon receiving the report, Marines with 4th Marine Regiment, 3d Marine Division conducted an aerial insert with the support of MV-22 Ospreys attached to Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron (VMM) 265 and AH-1Z Attack Helicopters attached to Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HLMA) 469 and quickly seized control of the island, establishing defensive positions in preparation for a possible HIRAIN operation.

Simultaneously, sailors with 7th Fleet identified a target that they could not engage, and passed the targeting information to the III MEF Fires and Effects Coordination Cell, who coordinated available III MEF assets to prosecute the attack.

Later that same day, a U.S. Air Force MC-130J Super Hercules, from 1st Special Operations Squadron, landed on an expeditionary airfield and Marines from 12th Marines quickly offload a HIMARS asset. The HIMARS team fired a notional shot, destroying the target, and quickly loaded back into the MC-130J, taking off minutes after landing on the island.

At the center of it all, was the distributed command and control nodes utilized by both III MEF and 7th Fleet. Throughout the exercise, III MEF and 7th Fleet handed off command and control in order to prosecute targets in each commands’ area of operations, amassing joint fires in critical areas.

In this instance, the exercise’s scenario was hypothetical, but the warfighting concepts practiced here will enable III MEF and 7th Fleet to project power and enable the joint force freedom of movement throughout the Indo-Pacific.

While III MEF and 7th Fleet always worked closely, Noble Fury 21 served as part of ongoing integration efforts described in the 38th Commandant’s Planning Guidance. The Navy-Marine Corps team continues to increase proficiencies and revise tactics, techniques, and procedures that will prepare the naval service for future fights in support of allies and partners in throughout the Indo-Pacific.

"III MEF’s partnership with 7th Fleet is key to enabling modern operating concepts and lethality," said Brodie. "Our Navy-Marine Corps team in the Pacific is unstoppable, and we are ready to fight now."

In total, Noble Fury 21 involved participation from III Marine Expeditionary Force, 3d Marine Division, 3d Marine Logistics Group, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, III MEF Information Group, the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, Marine Rotational Force – Darwin, assets from 7th Fleet, including USS America (LHA-6) Expeditionary Strike Group (AMAESG), and assets from the Air Force’s 18th Wing.

For more information on Noble Fury 21, please visit the Noble Fury DVIDS feature page., or email III Marine Expeditionary Force Communication Strategy and Operations at



【沖縄県】米海兵隊第三海兵遠軍及び米海軍第7艦隊との合同演習 「ノーブル・フューリー21」 が2020年10月15日に終了した。同演習は海兵隊及び海軍部隊を前方に展開させ、主要な海上地形の統制を確立するための調整された同時任務を遂行する海軍海兵隊チームの能力を向上させることを目的としていました。

同演習中、海軍海兵隊チームは、 2 回の高機動ロケット砲システム迅速展開 (HIRAIN) 任務を、沖縄県伊江島及び東京都小笠原村硫黄島各一ヶ所で実行し、燃料・弾薬再補給点 (FARP) を確立し、いくつかの海上襲撃を完了しました。それらは全て沖縄及びUSS アメリカ (LHA6) 上の分散ノードによって指揮制御されました。

第三海兵遠征軍の作戦担当官であるロバート・ブローディ大佐は次のように述べました。「同演習は、侵略を抑止し、危機に対応し、同盟国及びパートナー国を保障するという我々の集団的能力を実証し実践するために、第三海兵遠征軍及び第7艦隊の統合部隊の強さを示しました。過去2 週間にわたり、我々は、第三海兵遠征軍及び第7艦隊との間の重要な関係を予行し、我々が今戦う準備と態勢を確実にするために必要な艦隊海兵隊の考え方に焦点を当てました。」

今回の演習で海軍の将来が発揮されました。この将来像は、遠征前方基地の設立を支援するために、インド太平洋全域の島々を襲撃し、迅速に掌握するための、軽快で機敏な海兵隊部隊を想定しています。これらの分散された小規模基地は、統合部隊の制海・海洋拒否を行う能力を支援するために、FARP と遠征射撃地点を支援することができます。

「海兵隊は将来の闘いに努力を提携しています。我々はこの演習を使用して、地域全域の島々に兵力、射撃、装備を分散させる予行を行いました。海兵空陸機動部隊 (MAGTF) は、制海作戦を支援しつつ優位性を確保し維持するために、迅速に遠征前方基地を設置する必要があります。これらの能力は、第7艦隊と協力した第三海兵遠征軍が、分散型指揮制御を利用して2 HIRAIN 作戦を実施したときに発揮されました」とブローディ大佐は述べました。


その報告を受けた第3海兵師団第4海兵連隊は、第265海兵中型ティルトローター飛行隊(VMM-265) 所属のMV-22 オスプレイ及び第469海兵軽攻撃ヘリコプター飛行隊 (HLMA-469)所属のAH-1 Z 攻撃ヘリコプターの航空支援を得て、迅速に島を制圧し、HIRAIN 作戦に備えて防御陣地を確立しました。


同日遅く、米空軍第1特殊作戦飛行隊所属のMC-130 J スーパー・ハーキュリーズが遠征飛行場に着陸し、第12 海兵連隊属の海兵隊員がHIMARS を迅速に卸下しました。HIMARS チームは、想定されたミサイルを発射し、ターゲットを破壊し、すぐにMC-130 J に搭載され、島に着陸して数分後に離陸しました。





ノーブル・フューリー21には、第三海兵遠征軍から第3海兵師団、第3海兵兵站群、第1海兵航空団、第3海兵遠征軍情報群、第31海兵遠征部隊、駐ダーウィン海兵ローテーション部隊、そして第7艦隊の資産USSアメリカ遠征打撃群(AMAESG) 及び米空軍の第18航空団が参加しました。


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