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III Marine Expeditionary Force

Forward, Faithful, Focused

Camp Courtney, Okinawa, Japan
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Archive: August, 2019

We Send You Strength | How one 3rd MLG Marine's story affected the lives of the Marines around him August 30, 2019
3/12 participates in CTA HIMARS field training exercise August 29, 2019
Indonesian, U.S. Marines enhance strong military relationship August 25, 2019
A peek into the future August 20, 2019
Passing the torch August 16, 2019
Putting the "High Mobility" in HIMARS August 14, 2019
Artillery Relocation Training Program 19.2 August 12, 2019
Spiritual toughness: 31st MEU Chaplain provides daily workouts, wisdom aboard USS Wasp August 11, 2019
Marine F-35B Lightning II fighter aircraft complete GAU-22 cannon, ordnance hot reload exercise in Indo-Pacific Region August 7, 2019
Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II completes simulated defensive combat air patrol with live AIM-9X missile August 7, 2019
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