Family Evacuation Plan Information

III MEF Family Emergency Evacuation Plan (EEP) Information

Updated - 18 Dec 2017

III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) is supported by Marine Corps Installations Pacific - MCB Camp Butler (MCIPAC-MCBB), situated in the largest Area of Operations of any MEF or Marine Corps Installations Command, located in 3 of the 46 countries in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region. 

Evacuation or Temporary Safe Haven (TSH) Operations  may occur in the Pacific Theater due to a variety of threats to include:  military aggression, civil unrest, environmental concerns, or natural disasters.  Emerging threats in the region increase the likelihood of conflict and the potential for evacuation and TSH operations.  The Indo-Asia-Pacific region is the most seismically and meteorologically active region in the world, increasing the likelihood of evacuation or TSH operations due to natural hazards such as earthquakes or tsunamis. 

The information provided on this site is intended to assist designated personnel who may be affected by a situation or event that would result in an evacuation.  In such an event, all III MEF or MCIPAC-MCBB personnel or their dependents are directed to contact their unit's designated Evacuation Plan Representative.

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DD Form 1299 Shipment & Storage of PropertyIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/201758.42 KBDownload
Emergency Evacuation Packet Forms with descriptionsIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/201723.79 KBDownload
DS-3072 Repatriation Emergency Medical & Dietary AssistanceIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017493.71 KBDownload
DS 5528 Evacuee Manifest & Promissory NoteIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/201797.81 KBDownload
DD Form 788-2 Motorcycle Inspection DocumentIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017221.16 KBDownload
DD Form 788-1 Van Inspection DocumentIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017880.85 KBDownload
DD Form 788 POV Inspection DocumentIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017677.37 KBDownload
USFJ 178-R NEO Data CardIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017379.63 KBDownload
DD Form 2585 Repatriation Processing FormIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017699.27 KBDownload
DD Form 2461 Auth for Emergency Evac Advance Pay DoD CivIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017725.98 KBDownload
DD Form 2209 Pet Health CertificateIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017278.05 KBDownload
DD Form 2208 Rabies Vaccination CertificateIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017275.03 KBDownload
DD Form 1701 Inventory of Household GoodsIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017232.89 KBDownload
DD Form 1610 Evacuation OrdersIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/201763.26 KBDownload
DD Form 1337 Auth-Designaton for Emergency Pay & AllowancesIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017530.08 KBDownload
DD Form 2506 Vehicle Impoundment ReportIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017517.95 KBDownload
USFJ EEP ChecklistIII MEF Family Evacuation Plan Info11/21/2017860.00 KBDownload