III Marine Headquarters Group


III Marine Headquarters Group

Camp Hansen

Okinawa Japan

III MEF Headquarters Group
History and Lineage

The III MEF Headquarters Group (III MHG) can trace its lineage back to 1 October 1988 with the formation of the 3d Surveillance Reconnaissance Intelligence Group (3d SRIG). Initially, the SRIG consisted of an Intelligence Company and a Headquarters Platoon. Its mission involved sending detachments to Marine Air Ground Task Force units of the III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) deployed to areas ranging from the Indian Ocean to Northern Japan and Korea. On 1 October 1990, 3d SRIG was officially activated, consisting of Headquarters and Service Company, 7th Communication Battalion, Intelligence Company, and Detachment Force Reconnaissance Company. On 6 January 1990, the subordinate elements of 3d SRIG were relocated from various camps throughout Okinawa to a single location at Camp Hansen. The 7th Communication Battalion was established as a separate Battalion under the Commanding General, III MEF on 7 June 1994.

In response to Headquarters Marine Corps efforts to streamline command and control, 3d SRIG was deactivated and Headquarters and Service Battalion (HQSVCBN), III MEF was established on 31 May 1995. The battalion gained its structure by integrating the elements of the SRIG with the Headquarters and Service Company. This restructuring coupled a headquarters with commodity services to better support the III MEF Command Element.

Headquarters and Service Battalion, III MEF provided training, and administrative and logistical support for almost 1,000 Marines assigned to Headquarters and Service Company, 5th Force Reconnaissance Company, Intelligence Battalion, and the III MEF Special Operations Training Group. Headquarters and Service Battalion also performed the Headquarters Commandant function for the III MEF Command Element, and deployed its engineers, motor transport, medical, supply, logistics, and administrative personnel and equipment to U.S. Pacific Command directed operations and exercises throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

On 1 October 1999, HQSVCBN, III MEF was deactivated and the III Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group was activated. Now consisting of more than 1,700 Marines and Sailors, the Group includes 7th Communication Battalion, 3d Intelligence Battalion, 5th Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company (-), 3d Radio Battalion, 3d Special Operations and Training Group, and the Headquarters and Service Company, which includes the III MEF Command Element and the III MEF Band. III MHG exercises administrative control over its subordinate commands. It continues to provide training, administrative and logistical support while in garrison, and maintains a deployment-ready posture in preparation for supporting III MEF during any type of contingency.



Subordinate Commands