EOTG provides training in select special skills and conducts and evaluates collective training in order to prepare Marine Expeditionary Units and other designated forces to support the Geographic Combatant Commanders (CCDR).


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OIC: LtCol Frey, Christopher M.

DSN: 315-623-4382


AOIC: Maj Knies, William J.

DSN: 315-623-4440


SNCOIC: MGySgt Gupton, Robert R. 

DSN: 315-623-4604


Admin Chief: SSgt Rodriguez-Gonzalez,  Renato J 

DSN: 315-623-1045


Intel Officer:

DSN: 315-623-7310


Intel Chief: GySgt Ulett, Andrew G

DSN: 315-623-4389



Operations Officer: Maj Reynolds, Timothy J

DSN: 315-623-7786


Assistant Operations Officer: Capt. Goliver, Anthony M  

DSN: 315-623-4426


Operations Chief: MSgt Southwick, Nathan

DSN: 315-623-7320


Air Officer: Capt Scoggin,Robert M

DSN: 315-623-4356


Training / Academic Chief : Sgt  Henderson, Marcus

DSN: 315-623-4411


OIC: Capt Rich, Justin 

DSN: 315-623-7700


SNCOIC GySgt Berger, Jason A

DSN: 315-623-4418


Armory Chief: Cpl Young, Mark

DSN: 315-623-3071



Communication Chief: GySgt Petticrew, Andrew S

DSN: 315-623- 7325


Data Chief: Sgt Perez Santiago, Ruben 

DSN: 315-623-7349

OIC: Capt Connelly, Nicholas C

DSN: 315-623-4369


SNCOIC: GySgt Montano, Joel A

DSN: 315-623-4190


OIC: Maj Miller, Seth C.

DSN: 315-623-4312


AOIC: Capt Lopata, Michael J

DSN: 315-623-4312


SNCOIC: MSgt Kekiwi Jesse P

DSN: 315-623-4312

SNCOIC: GySgt. Rodriguez Jr, Ruben 

DSN: 315-623-7725