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III MEF Duty Phone Roster


 III MEF CDO                              **090-6861-4350
 COURTNEY OOD  622-9609
 BASE CDO  645-7218
 WING CDO  645-2564
 MAG-36 FDO  636-3020
 3RD MLG OOD  637-3522
 3RD MARDIV CDO  622-9755
 III MHG OOD  623-4922
 7TH COMM BN OOD  623-4184/4185
 31 MEU OOD  623-9110
 12 MARINES OOD  623-7355
 SCHWAB OOD  625-1218


*Numbers Listed are DSN with a 315 area code
**This is a Japan cell phone, with a country code of +81

III Marine Expeditionary Force