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MMEA Virtual Roadshow Graphic.

Photo by GySgt Jacob Harrer

Enlisted Assignments Virtual Roadshow coming to Okinawa

17 Aug 2020 | GySgt Jacob Harrer II Marine Expeditionary Force

Manpower Management Enlisted Assignments (MMEA) Branch will host this year’s roadshow virtually, Aug. 24-26.


The purpose of the roadshow is to inform Okinawa-based Marines and leaders about current career opportunities and retention guidelines.


Marines can interview with their Primary MOS monitors regarding future assignments. Marines may also seek appointments to discuss special duty assignments, screenable billets, career counseling, and unit manpower management. 


If interested, please take the following steps: 


1.  Watch the video brief for your topic of interest, as posted below. Please reach out to your career planner for more information.


2. Contact your career planner for the exact times of the interviews.


3. Download Adobe Connect (if you are using a personal laptop).


4. Enter your monitor’s link as listed below. If prompted for an access code in Adobe Connect when attempting to join a room, please enter "1111".


5. Speak with your monitor. Please ensure you are in a quiet location.


6. Contact your Career Planner after communication with your monitor for any follow on assistance or questions.




Video Links


FY21 First Term Marines: First Term Alignment Plan (FTAP) Brief


FY21 and FY22 First Term Marines, Volunteers: Special Duty Assignments (SDA)


FY21 and FY22 First Term Marines: Screenable Billets Briefs


Sergeants and Above: Career Counselor Brief


COs, XOs, Company Grade Officers, SNCOs: Enlisted Manpower Brief




Links to Adobe Connect Web Meetings:



02XX Monitor 

03XX Monitor 

0311 Monitor 

03X3, 18XX, 57XX Monitor 

0321 Monitor 

0369 Monitor 

0621, 0622, 0623, 0627, 0631 Monitor 

0629, 0648, 0639, 0681, 0699 Monitor 

0671/79 Monitor 

08XX Monitor 23XX Monitor 

352X Monitor 

353X Monitor 

58XX Monitor 



0111 Non-NCOs, 4421 

0111 NCOs 

0111 SNCO/0161/0511/4821 

04XX Monitor 

11XX Monitor 

1316, 1341, 1345, 1349, 1391 Monitor 

1361/71 Enlisted Assignments Monitor 

21XX Monitor 

3043 Monitor 

3044/51/52/3112 Monitor 

3381/4133 Monitor 

34XX, 45XX, 55XX Monitor 



17XX Monitor 

26XX Monitor 

28XX Monitor 

59XX, 68XX, 72XX Monitor 

6019, 621X, 622X, 6276, 7372 Monitor 

6042, 6062, 607X, 6092, 625X, 628X Monitor 

6048, 63XX, 7314 Monitor 

61XX Monitor 

6218, 6258, 6288, 6338 Monitor 

65XX, 70XX Monitor 

64XX, 66XX Monitor 


MMEA-25 Recruiting Monitor 

DI, AMOI/OCS/ Naval Academy, MACE/FFI/MCWISS, SNCOA Monitor 

SOI, MCSF Monitor 

MSG, EOA, MC Shooting Team Monitor