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3rd Radio Battalion
3rd Radio Battalion Logo
III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group
Marine Corps Base Hawaii

Who we are

3rd Radio Battalion's mission is to conduct signals intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic warfare (EW), limited cyberspace operations, and special intelligence (SI) communications in support of III MEF and its subordinate elements.




U.S. Marine Corps 1st Lieutenant Andrew Waddell, left, the Officer in Charge of First Platoon, Bravo Company, and Corporal Benjamin Snethen, an...


3d Radio Battalion Conducts ParaOps

U.S. Marines with 3rd Radio Battalion listen to instruction during parachute operations with Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 363, Marine Corps Air...



U.S. Marines with 3rd Radio Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group, conduct patrol exercises at Marine Corps Training Area...



U.S. Marines with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Radio Battalion conduct a surf passage training event during a Radio Reconnaissance Operator Course, Marine Corps...


3d Radio Battalion Facility Dedication Ceremony

3d Radio Battalion (RadBn), III Marine Expeditionary Forge Information Group (MIG), and Marine Corps Base Hawaii conducted a Facility Dedication...


3d Radio Battalion At The Range

U.S. Marines with 3d Radio Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group, fire an M240B machine gun during a multi-weapons systems...


3D Radio Battalion Leaders

Lieutenant Colonel Gary A. Keefer.
Commanding Officer, 3d Radio Battalion

Lieutenant Colonel Keefer entered the Marine Corps in February 2003 during his sophomore year of

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Sergeant Major Matthew A. Kidder
Sergeant Major, 3d Radio Battalion

Sergeant Major Matthew A. Kidder is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. He entered the delayed entry

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III MIG Vision
III MEF Information Group
Nov. 2, 2021 | 2:43
III MIG Vision
III MEF Information Group
Nov. 2, 2021 | 2:43
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III MIG Vision
III MIG Change of Command
Katana Strike 24
JGSDF and III MEF | Combat Medic Course
JIIM Batanes TTX

Officer of the day

OOD Landline: 808-496-4814
OOD Cell phone: 808-753-8519
Sergeant of the Guard Landline: 808-257-2993
Sergeant of the Guard Cell phone: 808-630-8258
Battalion Duty Driver: 808-347-0719
III MEF CDO: DSN 622-7571
III MIG OOD: DSN 623-4922


Physical Address: Building 6842
Mailing Address: MCBH Box 63042, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96863
Coordinates: 21°26'14.3992", -157°44'40.5697"

Welcome Aboard

To the Marines and Sailors joining 3d Radio Battalion, welcome to our team. 3d Radio Battalion has a storied tradition of excellence and a reputation across the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) for our mission capability, flexibility, and timely and accurate intelligence support. Marine Corps Base Hawaii and the III MEF Information Group provides the Battalion with unique and challenging training opportunities, giving our Marines experience across a wide spectrum of operations.  The expectation is that when you arrive at 3d Radio Battalion, you are ready to jump in with a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to mission accomplishment and the welfare of our Marines, Sailors, and their families. To assist in this transition, we are committed to making the move to Marine Corps Base Hawaii and integration of your family with the unit as smooth and pleasant as possible, and have detailed check-in procedures and base resources below.  Again, we are honored to have you as part of the 3d Radio Battalion family, and look forward to seeing you in the near future!


The 3d Radio Battalion command is dedicated to taking care of not just our Marines and Sailors, but their families as well.  We fully understand the sacrifices your family makes while you are in training and deployed.  We thank you for your service, sacrifice and commitment.  Our commitment to you is to provide you with information and referral services that will help enhance your quality of life.


To this end, designated members of the command are tasked with ensuring that every new Marine and Sailor receives quality transition assistance.  Our Family Readiness Program is designed to welcome new members and assist you and your family with the transition to Camp Pendleton and integration within the MEF Information Group.


Our goal is to assist you and your family with the transition and quick integration to your new duty station and command.  You can count on us to provide:

-A sponsor of equal or higher rank to assist with your transition to the command.

-Provide information on command, referral services, and provide deployment support.


Prior to your arrival, your sponsor stands at the ready to be a resource for any situation that you may encounter.


Come directly to the 3d Radio Battalion from the airport to check in, regardless of time of day. The Uniform for check in during duty hours (0800-1630 hours) is service "A". If you are checking in outside of duty hours, appropriate civilian attire is authorized. If you check in outside of duty hours, the service "A" uniform will be worn the following duty day.


Bring the following to S-1:

All Original Orders
Flight Itinerary
Medical Record
Dental Record

Bring the following to IPAC, as applicable:

Dependent information (if not currently in DEERS)
Birth Certificate/Supporting Docs
Marriage License/Divorce decree
Car Registration/Proof of Insurance
Certified copy Pg 3 & dependency application (Housing)
Personal Weapon Registration (PMO)

Check-in Procedures


Report to S-1 during working hours, or Battalion OOD after working hours on the quarterdeck of 3d Radio Battalion Headquarters for receiving endorsement (“3d Radio Battalion” on Google Maps and coordinates are on the "Contact Us" tab)

From there, your sponsor will escort you around 3d Radio Battalion and the base to check in with key personnel.

3d Radio Battalion Key Personnel


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response/Uniformed Victom Advocate: Please visit here for more information.


Equal Opportunity/Prohibited Activities and Conduct: Please visit here for more information.

Request Mast

For information on Requesting Mast, please visit here for more information.


DoD Safe Helpline is anonymous, confidential and tailored to support members of the DoD community and loved ones affected by sexual assault. For more Information, visit here or call (877)995-5247.


Access the Eagle Eyes website here, where you can report suspicious activities or behaviors that may indicate criminal or terrorist activity.

Marine Corps Base Hawaii Points of Interest

IPAC: (808)257-1864; Location: 21.439867, -157.751320

DEERS ID Card Center: (808)257-3346; Location: 21.439880, -157.750874

IIF: (808)257-8758; Location: 21.439596, -157.743893

Base Chapel: (808)257-5138; Location: 21.442710, -157.745833

Base Library: (808)254-7624; Location: 21.444240, -157.757952

Base Legal Services: (808)257-6738; Location: 21.442874, -157.759775

Military Police Department: (808)257-2123; Location: 21.440445, -157.757529

Barracks Resident Support Office: (808)257-1316; Location: 21.439559, -157.751502

Family Housing Office: (808)257-2676; Location: 21.445108, -157.750672

MCCS Child & Youth Services: (808)257-1388; Location: 21.446787, -157.748347

MCCS Single Marine Program & Recreation Center: (808)254-7593; Location: 21.440314, -157.754396

Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society: (808)257-1972; Location: 21.439763, -157.758541

Base Safety: (808)257-1830; Location: 21.441703, -157.760456

DMO Office: (808)496-3566; Location: 21.443195, -157.763039


All numbers preceded by (808) area code if calling by cell phone.
Commanding Officer: 496-5202
Executive Officer: 496-5203
Sergeant Major: 496-1775
Chaplain: 496-4139
Deployment Readiness Coordinator: 496-0250
Company Commander: 496-0910
Company Executive Officer: 496-1706
Company First Sergeant: 496-9110
Company Clerk: 496-1491
Adjutant: 496-4175
Admin Chief: 496-0951
Admin Clerk: 496-4138
Operations Officer: 496-3211
Operations Chief: 496-2691
S3  Plans Officer: 496-7045
S3D/Cadre: 496-4215
S3 Clerk: 496-7046
Special Security Officer: 496-3280
SSO Guard Shack: 496-7507
Training Chief: 496-1443
Training Clerk: 496-1260
Cadre Classroom: 496-1410
S4 Officer: 496-3868
S4 Chief: 496-1066
S4 Proper: 496-1065
Paraloft Chief: 496-4194
Electronic Maintenance Officer: 496-1066
Electronic Maintenance Chief: 496-1065
Electronic Maintenance Platoon Sergeant: 496-5929
Motor Transport Officer: 496-4180
Motor Transport Chief: 496-0088
Motor Transport Maintenance Chief: 496-1034
Utilities: 496-1304
Supply Officer: 496-0091
Supply Administrators: 496-1639
Warehouse: 496-2644
Armory: 496-5585
Communications Officer: 496-3969
Communications Chief: 496-7035
TCAC Field Service Representative: 496-4190
Helpdesk: 496-2880
Spectrum Manager: 496-2233
Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) Vault: 496-5833
ISSM/ISSO: 496-7504
Battalion Medical Office: 496-4138
Appointment Line: 496-7600/7601/7602
Packages Department: 351-5871
Company Commander: 496-1238
Company Executive Officer: 4961231
Company 1stSgt: 496-1234
Company Operations Chief: 496-1229
Company Clerk: 496-1204
Company Commander: 496-1253
Company Executive Officer: 496-1255
Company 1stSgt: 496-1202
Company Operations Chief: 496-7511
Company Clerk: 496-1241
Company Commander: 496-1557
Company Executive Officer: 496-7501
Company 1stSgt: 257-1298
Company Operations Chief: 496-4215
Company Clerk: 496-3950
Watchfloor: 496-1041
ISEP Operations: 496-4260
Company Commander: 623-4637
Company Executive Officer: 623-3325
Company 1stSgt: 623-4220
Company Operations Chief: 623-2800
Company Clerk: 623-5423

3d Radio Battalion Lineage:

3rd Radio Battalion, located aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kāneʻohe Bay, traces its lineage to 1943 with the creation of the 3d Radio Intelligence Platoon. Most recently, since August 2003, the Battalion has served in a dual support role of both I and III Marine Expeditionary Force. Following the units return from Iraq in February 2006, 3d Radio Battalion began focusing on supporting the Global War on Terrorism. In October 2008 3rd Radio Battalion deployed as part of SPMAGTF-A to Helmand Province in Southern Afghanistan as part of the ISAF troop surge, and participated in several major operations including the Battle of Now Zad as well as Operation Khanjar.

The history of the Radio Battalion:

In June 1943, 2nd Radio Intelligence Platoon was activated at Camp Elliott, California. The unit took part in the Battle of Guadalcanal and the Battle of Peleliu. The 3rd Radio Intelligence Platoon was also formed in June 1943 and took part in the Battles of the Kwajalein Atoll and Okinawa. From World War II until the early 1960s, various units performed radio intercepts, growing from platoon to company and, in 1964, to 1st Radio Battalion. Sub-units of the battalion were deployed to Vietnam from 1967 to 1975, including participation in evacuation efforts during the Fall of Saigon. In the early 1980s, 2nd Radio Battalion was part of the multinational peacekeeping force in Beirut, Lebanon. More recently, Radio Battalions served in Operation Desert Storm, Somalia, Kosovo, the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, and the 2004 Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah. Radio Battalions also send detachments to augment intelligence efforts at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba, and at other bases throughout the world.

In Afghanistan Radio Battalion has proven especially effective against improvised explosive devices.

nco of the quarter


marine of the quarter

Sergeant Margaret J. Ravenna


Lance Corporal Fabian O. RuizRodriguez


III Marine Expeditionary Force