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Q. What is DTS?


The Defense Travel System (DTS) is a fully integrated, automated, end-to-end travel management system that enables DoD travelers to create authorizations (TAD travel orders), prepare reservations, receive approvals, generate travel vouchers, and receive a split reimbursement between their bank accounts and the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC).


Q. What do I do if my CAC card is giving me an error and not allowing me to log into the  system?


First thing to do is make sure that you are currently attached to an organization if you are not attached to an organization this could cause an error.


If the name on your Profile is not exactly the way it is written on your CAC card this could also cause issues. Any information on your CAC certificates will have to match the same exact information  in your DTS profile. If your last name has the third or fourth make sure that it is not in the DTS profile because it is not located on the CAC certificates.


Q. Who is supposed to assist me with DTS?


Every unit has an appointed Organization Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA). They are responsible to assist you in setting up your DTS account and ensuring you are receiving the proper DTS training and support. A unit NDEA can also assist you to prepare an authorization and voucher.


Q. When should I prepare my authorization if I am going TAD?


Your authorization should be done as soon as possible or within 30 days of the TAD trip. This will ensure that the authorization gets routed and approved in time. If the TAD trip involves a flight, the authorizations must be approved 72 hours before the trip begins, if not, the reservations will be cancelled. For short notice TAD, if an authorization is being done within three days of the start of the TAD, then the authorization must be approved within 24 hours, if not, the flights reservations will be canceled. 


Q. Who do I contact for traveling needs such as flights, lodging and rental cars?


If you need to book flights, lodging and rental cars it will all have to go through  your local government contracting agency such companies will be CTO or Sato which are able to save government money by booking the flights at a government rate.


Q. What do I do if I have not received payment for my DTS claim?


If you have not received payment for a DTS claim make sure that the voucher has been completed and submitted with no errors such as a reject. Once it has been submitted and routed up it can be approved if your account information is incorrect this can also cause prolonged wait for payment.


Q. How do I know if my authorization is stuck in CTO submit?


First refer to the digital signature page of the authorization in question; at the bottom you will be able to see the most recent step in the approval process of your authorization. If it says "CTO SUBMIT". Make sure the document has been in stage of approval for more than 24 hours. After which call the DTS Help Desk @ 645-3300 or Email


Q. How do I know if I owe money to the government?


When a traveler owes money to the government usually DTS will send them a email saying that they are in a DUE US status this is why it is important for all travelers to have their email information correct. 


Q. What should I do if I encounter a Null point error?


If you are receiving a null point error there can be various reasons as to why. A common solution would be to just log out completely out of DTS restart your system and try entering it again. If this does not work contact the DTS HELP DESK @ 645-3300


Q. What should I do if I encounter a SABRS/STARS-FL error?


If a SABRS or STARS error should occur the most practical solution would be to contact your comptroller. Your comptroller is the FDTA and they handle all errors involving finance.


Q. How do you change Centrally Billed to GOVCC?


If a traveler currently has a GOVCC in the system but it doesn't show in their authorization this can be rectified by accessing the traveler's personal profile which can only be accessed by the member or the ODTA. If the information is correct go to the authorization then additional options-my account information under EFT and Credit information it should say refresh account data here you will click it and your information on your master profile will show up there.


Q. If I am authorized a rental car, what size car can I get?


A compact size rental vehicle is what the JFTR and JTR allow. Your AO can authorize a bigger vehicle only if the mission requires it. If you require a bigger vehicle, ensure a justification is made on the authorization. If no justification is made, disbursing and TECOM will limit the reimbursement to a compact size.   ‎


Post Payment Audit / Compliance Tool


Q: What do I do when I receive an email from the compliance tool?                                                                                         A: You need to audit your voucher for the discrepancy or go to your S-1 for assistance.

Q: What if the notification I received of an error is actually a discrepancy?                                                                               A: You need to adjust the voucher and resubmit it with the appropriate changes.

Q: What if my voucher is now a debt?                                                                                                                                        A: You can use the “DMM Routing List”.

Q: What if it is paying money out and I am owed additional entitlements?                                                                               A: You need to use the “Westpac Voucher to Disbursing” routing list.

Q: What if the notification is invalid and there is not an error, do I need to make any adjustments?                                        A: You need to email: so our office can assist you.

All questions can be directed at the following email: