Inspector General


III MEF Command Inspector General

Camp Courtney, Okinawa


The mission of the III MEF Inspector General’s office is to promote combat readiness, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness, and credibility through impartial and independent inspections, assessments, inquiries, investigations, and teaching and training.

The IG’s functions are:


Investigations are fact-finding examinations into allegations of impropriety by an individuals or an adverse condition that affects the command climate. The CIG may investigate any violation of law, policy, or ethical standards. All investigations will be conducted in an independent and professional manner, without command influence, pressure, or fear of reprisal from any level.


The III MEF CIG is an extension of the eyes, ears, voice,and conscience of the III MEF Commanding General. The purpose of inspections is to assess,assist, and enhance the ability of a command to prepare for and to perform its assigned mission.


Conduct short/no notice visits to selected Commands to identify systemic issues impacting unit operational readiness and/or mission accomplishment.

Intelligence Oversight

Serve as an extension to the IGMC to ensure the effective implementation of Marine Corps-wide oversight of Intelligence, Counterintelligence, Sensitive activities (to include USMC support to law enforcement agencies, special operations, and security matters), Special Access Programs.



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