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3D Radio Battalion

3d Radio Battalion in the Media


3d RadBn shows the capabilities of the Wolfhound 

Marine Corps Base Hawaii | October 13, 2017

3rd Radio Battalion, explains the functions of the Wolfhound system to Republic of Korea Marines during a demonstration, Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Oct. 13, 2017. The system is designed to triangulate on the position of downed aircraft and help in the recovery of the pilot.

3rd Radio Battalion Marines conduct rescue on Waimanalo Mountains

Marine Corps Base Hawaii | March 2, 2018

Three Marines conduced a late night search and rescue for a lost hiker back in January 2018. The Marines covered 10 miles at about 3000 feet in elevation under rainy conditions, eventually finding and returning back with the hiker.

Mission Statement

3d Radio Battalion's mission is to conduct signals intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic warfare (EW), limited cyberspace operations, and special intelligence (SI) communications in support of III MEF and its subordinate elements.

Lieutenant Colonel Owen

Commanding Officer



Sergeant Major Moreno

Sergeant Major