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WARNING there is currently a Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) payment processing issue that has resulted in duplicate travel payments to some travelers EFT and GOVCC accounts. This is not a DTS issue and no action is required in DTS at this time. TRAVELERS need to be especially diligent and double check that the payments they are receiving are the proper amount. If you were one of the few travelers who received a duplicate payment, please leave the money in the account to which it was paid. As more information becomes available, this message will be updated.
Additionally there is currently an ongoing issue where DTS Authorizations are getting STUCK IN CTO SUBMIT/BOOKED. If this is happening to you or your travelers, please contact our Help Desk at or DSN: 645-3300. They will submit a Help ticket on your behalf to Tier III and they will usually resolve the problem in 2 business days.

Every week the Disbursing Office will be conducting virtual training for DTS Permission Holders. Please see the instructions below:

As a result of ongoing precautions to guard against the spread of COVID-19, and to enforce social distancing; we are conducting a virtual class for DTS Permissions Certification. This will continue to run until classes are available in person. If you are interested in signing up please provide the information below via email to Cpl. O'Rourke:









**This is an ALL DAY Training, please plan accordingly**

Lines of Accounting

DTA Maintenance Tools

Travel Documents

Approval Process

Travel Policy 101 & Advanced DTS

Please be advised if there are connection issues or no registered attendees for any one of the classes, the schedule will be adjusted and sent out to the attendees the day of.


The below resources are some up to date information on travel related matters that are currently being affected by the Coronavirus.

III MEF COVID-19 Updates

Links and References: 

Special Leave Accrual - PDF File

Joint Travel Regulations Revisions (JTR) - PDF File 

MARADMINS  - External Link 


Please be aware that the DTS Office is no longer accepting walk-in appointments or face to face meetings due to COVID-19.


 Defense Travel System

           OIC:  Ms. Mako Barr                                  SNCOIC:  Eddy B. Rodriquez                       

(315)-645-3828                                                (315)-645-7083   


Welcome to the III MEF DTS Help Desk web site.  We have designed this web site to help and assist you with your DTS questions and issues. Our mission is to provide Marines, DOD Civilians, and their families with Defense Travel System policy and procedural support; promote fiscal responsibility and accountability over the expenditure of government funds; and support the temporary duty missions and requirements of commanders in the region. We are located at the Camp Foster Disbursing office (BLDG 5714).  You can call our office, our telephone hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 0800-1600.  You can find our contact information below.


Hours of Operations: 0800-1630 and closed for lunch: 1130-1300


     Help Desk Organizational Mailbox:

                                                                                           Helpdesk Number:                                                                                           

DSN: 645-3300


Debt Management Monitor Organizational Mailbox: 

                                                                          Debt Management Monitor Number:                                                                 

DSN: (315) 645-7022

NOTICE: Please be aware of potential delays in the processing of your travel Voucher. Please note the Disbursing office has experienced several non-business day that could impact the 10 day count of your voucher. See list of the Disbursing Office non-working days below.

If you are a traveler about to go on another trip consider reaching out to your S-1 to request a credit limit increase if necessary. Also reach out to your S-1 about having your GTCC account placed in ‘Mission Critical Status’ to prevent your account from being reported as delinquent.