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III MEF G6 provides the Commanding General with MAGTF command and control system (C2S) planning, management, and execution; liaises with external commands and agencies for C2S planning, training, and fielding; prepares to operate as JTF J6 and execute Joint Communications Control Center responsibilities. The AC/S, G-6, serves as a member of the Financial Advisory Board and Chairman, C4 Systems Steering Committee.

“Networked information that is Assured, Accessible, Available”

*all numbers listed are DSN with (315) area code*

*to dial commercially from the U.S, dial 081-611-722-xxxx*


 G-6 AC/S


 Deputy G-6


 Communications Chief


 G-6 Front Office


 Operations Officer


 Operations Chief


 North East Asia Planning Officer


 North East Asia Planning Chief


 South East Asia Planning Officer


 South East Asia Planning Chief


 Plans Officer


 MEB Planning Officer


 MEB Planning Assistant


 Amphibious Communications Planner/Navy Liaison


 Spectrum Planning Officer


 Spectrum Planning Chief


 Data Officer


 Data Chief


 Telephone Officer


 Techcon Chief


 Frequency Management Officer


 Frequency Management Chief


 Network Operations Officer


 Network Operations Deputy


 Network Operations Chief/Command Element Support


 MAGTF Network Operations Officer


 MAGTF Network Operations Chief


 Help Desk




 Information Assurance Officer


 Information Assurance Manager


 Systems Integration Officer


 Maintenance Officer


 Maintenance Chief


 Maintenance SNCOIC


 COMSEC Management Officer


 COMSEC Management Chief


 EKMS Manager


NMCI Support

NIPRNET: 1-866-THE-NMCI After hours: 1-866-THE-NMCI

SIPRNET: 645-0990 (0730-1630) After hours: 1-866-THE-NMCI

 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Support

For PKI support, CAC pin resets, & certificates, call DSN (315)622-7771.

Defense Messaging Service (DMS) Support

For DMS traffic support, contact the Area Communications Center (ACC), Camp Butler, at DSN (315)645-3294.

III MEF G6 Help Desk Support

For Command Element Help Desk and MAGTF Network Operations Center Support, to include tactical NIPR, garrison SIPR, tactical SIPR, and tactical RIPR/CENTRIXS, call DSN (315)622-9948/6222.

The MEF G6 is responsible to the Commander for C2 systems planning, management, coordination, and control, and to be prepared to perform functions as a C/JTF C/J6.

Operations and Plans: Plans and executes exercises and operations and develops strategic communications architecture in support of III MEF, 3d MEB, and MSCs.

Information Assurance: Ensures network security and protects information sharing.

Network and Resources: Owns and Operates MNOC/MIG capabilities and NMCI; addresses IT investment and the CG's C2 Campaign Plan.

Maintenance: Works closely with the G-4 and MSCs on readiness and equipment distribution issues.

MCMO: Manages COMSEC, ensures communications are secure, and provides training to Marines.