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MCO 5354.1F updates Marine Corps policy, procedures, and responsibilities for preventing and responding to prohibited conduct involving sexual harassment, prohibited discrimination, harassment, hazing, bullying, dissident and protest activities, and wrongful distribution or broadcasting of intimate images.  Prohibited discriminatory and harassment practices within the Marine Corps are counter-productive, unacceptable, and will not be tolerated. The Marine Corps will maintain a culture of dignity, care, and concern in which all members of the organization are afforded equal treatment and opportunity to achieve their full potential based upon individual merit, fitness, intellect, and ability. All Service members will cultivate an environment free from PAC. PAC undermine morale, reduce combat readiness, and prevent maximum utilization and development of the Marine Corps’ most vital asset: its people.

Contact Information

MSgt Estee FortunatoFranco

Equal Opportunity Advisor

III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group

Building 2860 Room 104 (III MIG HQ)

DSN:  315-623-4694

You can report through your 

 1. Chain of Command:  The Chain of Command is the primary and preferred channel to prevent and respond to complaints of PAC. Use of the chain of command to address PAC exemplifies trust in leadership to quickly and effectively address violations of our standards.

 2. Equal Opportunity Representative (EOR):  The EOR is an authorized source within the command to receive complaints on behalf of the commander. EORs are appointed by their commander.

3. Equal Opportunity Advisor:  III MIG EOA DSN 315-623-4694.

MCO 5354.1F (MCO 5354.1F > United States Marine Corps Flagship > Electronic Library Display (

NAVMC 11512 Complaint Form (attached)

Prohibited Activities and Conduct Prevention and Response Toolkit (

Thank you for your assistance.

III Marine Expeditionary Force